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Anyone who makes a purchase with a false billing address will be refunded and permanently banned from the server. The details you provide are used for accounting purposes only and are not shared with any third-party (see our terms), please don't do it!


Purchase History

A summary of your purchase history with us can be requested by sending an email to support@vaelox.com. You can also search your email inbox for our email address to bring up all payment confirmations sent previously.



Please allow up to 24 hours for any purchases to be credited to your account ingame. Should you not receive your purchase within this time, or if you have any other problems that are related to our store or the purchase process, please send an email to support@vaelox.com. Remember to include any relevant transaction ids.


Please note, we are NOT affiliated with Mojang nor supported by Mojang. Any issues related to our server should be directed to our support email listed above. All payments go to the Vaelox development team.